Annoucing next Startup Weekend Lausanne!


Hi everyone! Our next chapter of Startup Weekend Lausanne will again take place in this incredible venue : the Rolex Learning Center

How does it work? 
Ay attendees that want to will have 60 seconds to present ideas for new startup ventures. We then crowd source the favorites and form teams around those ideas. Teams are between 4-10 people, and consist of about 50% technical people and 50% non-technical. You then spend the entire weekend getting advice from professional mentors, and building a proof of concept, demo, or sometimes even a finished product, to present in front of a panel of judges on Sunday night.

Most ideas are web & tech focused, but almost any new business needs a web, marketing, and business strategy regardless if it is tech centric.

The event will be hold in French and English. That’s mean you can present an idea and work all the weekend with the language you want.

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